KG MECH Electro-Mechanical Pvt. Ltd. has established as Best Electrical Training institute in Hyderabad. Electrical training will assist you to become and do work like professional. Specialized electrical courses are for  electrical Engineers, and who might just look for the standard certificate to apply in the reputed company or else ratifying requirement of the guild. Each one of these Electrical courses, which boast of the standard accreditation good placement record for the past students are the first option. The Electrical training courses for this people typically lay more of focus on the theory and the most recent trends in stream instead of a practical raining, because its assumed that the candidates have sufficient of practical raining in this particular electrical course. As a trademark of excellence as arena of Real Time Training institutes for the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Engineering. KG MECH offers Best Electrical training in Hyderabad with most practical modules in key areas of Design, Drafting. Modelling, Site Installation & QA/QC.

KG MECH inculcates real time training with both fresh engineering graduates and working professionals as per the tailor made approach. At KG MECH, we made-to-work trade for the engineers looking for faster growth in career. With KG MECH’s real time approach for Electrical training in Hyderabad most of engineers equip themselves with the ammunition and are attracted by several employers with fast placements.

KG MECH provides Best Electrical training in Hyderabad with the most experience faculties have more than a decade of experience in Design, Site activities in Local & Abroad projects. KG MECH bridges the gap between the theoretical learning to practical job exposure in Electrical training in Hyderabad which benefits Electrical engineers with un-resistive job calls. KG MECH also provides Electrical placement training in Hyderabad, along with Best Personality training in Hyderabad to ace the job interview with local and abroad clients. KG MECH in aggressive in delivering core Electrical training in Hyderabad for working professionals and unexperienced graduates on Industry standards and international exposure.

KG MECH has well updated course syllabus covering all the aspects in Electrical training in Hyderabad, in terms of Electrical Design training, Electrical CAD training, Electrical Site training and Electrical QA/QC training in Hyderabad.



  • Introduction to Electrical
  • Electrical Basics
  • Electricity-Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Electrical Equipment’s-Transformer, Motor, Generator, UPS etc.
  • Codes & Standards – NBC, BS, NEC, DEWA.
  • Switches-one way, 2 way, 3 way, etc
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Sockets or Receptacle
  • Ring circuit
  • Wiring connections in residential & commercial projects
  • Panel wiring connections
  • Introduction
  • Types of Light Fixtures
  • LUX or Foot Candle measurement
  • LUX Level as per Project
  • Light Fixtures calculation as per Standards
  • Standard method of lighting placement in project
  • Preparation of Light fixture schedule
  • Light Fixture Selection Software’s – CG-LUX, DIALUX & DIALUX EVO.
  • Light Fixtures load calculation
  • Fan load calculation
  • HVAC load calculation
  • Plumbing & Fire Fighting load calculation t
  • Lift load calculation as per project requirement
  • Preparation of load schedule
  • Maximum Demand Load & Total load calculation
  • Diversity Factor & its Standards
  • Load distribution of Lighting & power
  • Load distribution schedule – HVAC, Fire Fighting, common Loads, MDB, SMDB & FDB
  • Load distribution schedule of Emergency devices- DG & UPS.
  • Cables- armored & un armored cables
  • Cable Insulation
  • Cable type & construction features
  • Cable selection
  • Cable Routing
  • Current rating of cables
  • Cable size calculation for motors
  • Voltage drop Calculation of Cables
  • Application of cable gland & types
  • Cable schedule Preparation
  • Cable resistance & impedance values
  • Cable Lug & its Applications
  • Calculation of short circuit withstand capacity of cables
  • Installation of cables
  • Conduits – types & application
  • Conduit selection
  • Installation method of conduits
  • Cable trays-types, installation procedure, different sizes of cable trays
  • Fittings & Accessories of Cable tray
  • Cable tray sizing calculation
  • Cable tray Routing
  • Introduction
  • Types of Fault currents
  • Importance of Breaker
  • Types of circuit breakers – MCB, MCCB, ACB, VCB, SF6, ELCB or RCD
  • Selection circuit breaker on Feeder current rating
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Installation standards of Circuit Breakers
  • Disconnect switches & Isolators
  • Isolator Size calculation
  • Switch gear Application & types
  • LT & HT panels
  • ATS & COS panel
  • MCC (Motor Control Centre) panel
  • Bus bar & its function
  • Bus bar sizing calculation
  • Bus bar risers
  • Bus bar wiring connection & its installation
  • Transformer & its Application
  • Types of Transformers
  • Transformer sizing calculation based on project load
  • Installation standards of Transformer
  • Transformer placement in the project
  • Generator & its Application
  • Types of Generators
  • Generator sizing calculation
  • Wiring connections of Generator
  • UPS & its application
  • Types of UPS
  • UPS designing for emergency loads
  • Wiring connections of UPS
  • Battery Sizing calculation
  • Capacitor bank function
  • Introduction to Earthing
  • Types of Earthing
  • Earth continuity conductor
  • Main earth terminal
  • Earthing strip
  • Earth Resistance calculation
  • Types of Earthing rod & its sizes
  • Earth pit placement in the project
  • Lighting Arrestors
  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarm system
  • Access Control System
  • Power supply designing for low current system
  • ETAP
  • Current Analyzer
  • MS – Excel
  • Transformer calculation
  • Generator calculation
  • UPS & Battery Calculation
  • Load distribution Schedule
  • Master Converter
  • Introduction to Auto cad
  • Basic drawing commands
  • Modify commands
  • Layers & block
  • Lighting layout
  • Power layout
  • Load distribution schedule
  • Single line Drawing
  • Schematic Drawing
  • Cable tray drawing
  • Section drawing
  • Earthing drawing
  • Equipment placement – transformer, generator, UPS, DB, etc.
  • Coordination drawing
  • Shop Drawings
  • As built drawing
  • International drawings
  • Model Management
  • Layout Management
  • Electrical Work Flow Procedure
  • Site Installation Departments
  • Site Installation Procedures
  • 3M’s – Material, Machinery, Manpower
  • Installation Task
  • Installation of Electrical equipment’s – Transformer, generator, UPS, etc.
  • Installation of Switch gears
  • Installation of Cables, Conduit & Cable Tray
  • Safety Requirement – PPE
  • Project Handover – O & M
  • Bill of Quantity – BOQ
  • Material Submittals – MS
  • Equipment Schedules
  • Technical Schedules
  • Estimation & Costing
  • Tracking List
  • Introduction to QA/QC
  • Short circuit test for breaker
  • Polarity test
  • Circuit continuity test
  • Megger test
  • Breaker testing
  • Pre-Inspections of installations
  • Request for Inspection – RFI
  • Inspection procedures and techniques
  • Inspection tools and equipment
  • Quality control of work as per specification
  • Testing & Commissioning

Top 20 Salient Features at KGMECH for Electrical Training in Hyderabad

  • Best Electrical training in Hyderabad on real time international projects.
  • Providing by far the Best Electrical training in Hyderabad on the banks of student satisfaction and appreciation from colleges.
  • KG MECH offers best Electrical training in Hyderabad for different engineering job options of Design Engineer, CAD Engineer, Site Engineer & QC Engineer.
  • KG MECH provides 80% practical training which makes it the Best Electrical training institute in Hyderabad.
  • Highly experienced faculty with more than 10 years of Gulf & Local experience mentor the engineers for best Electrical training and placement in Hyderabad.
  • KG MECH has separate faculty for Electrical CAD Engineering training in Hyderabad, Electrical Site Engineering in Hyderabad, QC Engineering in Hyderabad who provide dedicated service to the trainees.
  • Offers regular, fast-track and professional training batches for real time Electrical Training in Hyderabad.
  • KG MECH has the best team of Experienced Engineers providing Electrical training in Hyderabad with more exposure to practical modules.
  • The best infra-structure for practical Electrical CAD training in Hyderabad & Electrical Revit training in Hyderabad at our branches.
  • Train on the latest software used in industry in Electrical training in Hyderabad.
  • Best-in-class explanation with real time examples with concern to trainee understanding with concepts of equipment, ducting system, piping system etc., in Electrical training in Hyderabad.
  • One-to-One dedication and care for all the trainees to finish the practical options in Electrical training in Hyderabad.
  • Complete Electrical training in Hyderabad covering all aspects of Design, CAD, Revit, Site & QC.
  • Best Personality Development training in Hyderabad by motivational speakers and working professional to induce ethics and professionalism in engineers.
  • Performing technical trade test, seminars and mock-up interviews for the engineers during the training of Electrical in Hyderabad.
  • Internationally valid, ISO Certified Real time training certificate at the end of Electrical training in Hyderabad.
  • Best-in-class study materials, questionnaires, videos and real time pictures with site visits to all the trainee to provide best exposure in Electrical Site training in Hyderabad.
  • Free seminars for new and advance topics in Electrical training in Hyderabad, by working professionals and site experts for all the trainees.
  • Hostel facilities available at all the centers of KG MECH.
  • Offers placement to trainees by conducting placement drives in campus and at client’s office for local and abroad requirements.

Training Experts at KG MECH’s Electrical Training in Hyderabad are,

  • Highly experienced faculty with more than 10 years of Gulf & Local experience mentor the engineers for best Electrical training and placement in Hyderabad.
  • KG MECH faculty was involved in many prestigious projects like Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Schools Projects, serving in international projects of UAE, KSA, Qatar, USA & India.
  • Faculty Experience includes MEP Design for Building Services as per ASHRAE, SMACNA, NFPA, NEC, DEWA, ASME CODES.
  • KG MECH Electrical training in Hyderabad faculty are also holding positions as Education Director, HRO (Human Rights Observers) & members of organizations like DEWA, ASHRAE, ISHRAE, NFPA, IGBC etc.
  • KG MECH Electrical training in Hyderabad Experts have presided over many seminars and workshops in over more than 100 Engineering colleges and won many awards and recognitions.
  • Faculty are certified and trainee-friendly providing deep knowledge to the trainees in all aspects of Electrical Training in Hyderabad.

Placement Assistance after Electrical Training in Hyderabad

  • KG MECH is the pioneer in contributing careers to the engineers with its dedicated placement wing which furnishes to the needs of the trainees during placements.
  • KG MECH provides complete support in preparing the RESUME as per the requirements of clients and industry standards.
  • KG MECH conducts Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills to formulate students to face challenging interview situation with ease.
  • KG MECH has accomplished to the placement of numerous engineers in Local & Abroad companies.
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I am an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER .It was tough to decide what to do next but when i got to know about KG MECH. Its a very good institute .I am a part of it.Faculties are been very friendly and helpful more than that Its a best option to join KG MECH after completing engineering because it help us to decide our future jobs according to our core subject.
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