Best Hvac Training institute in Hyderabad, Have you thought of a career as Hvac Engineer, but don’t know start or where to look? You’re in luck if you are in this circumstance or interested in a career in Heating ventilation and air conditioning. KG Mech is the best place to start your career. Hvac training in Hyderabad centre programs will teach you the principles techniques that are core. Some Hvac training applications will instruct you heating systems. Our HVAC Training institute has been developed to supplies the information you will need to obtain these certificates and prepares you to attain success to you.

KG MECH Electro-Mechanical Pvt. Ltd. has established as a trademark of excellence as arena of Real Time Training for the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Engineering.  KG MECH is the Training center which delivers training along with placement for the engineers in MNCs of Local & Abroad. KG MECH INDIA has emerge as the leading Best HVAC training institute in Hyderabad with its calculative and productive approach for the career of engineers.KG MECH offers Best HVAC training in Hyderabad with most practical modules in key areas of Design, Drafting. Modelling, Site Installation & QA/QC.

These more advanced HVAC programs will have an alteration to the field’s abbreviation that is either HVAC&R, or HVACR. Since HVAC’s are important in architecture design becoming Heating and air conditioning Licensed is a field. Residential skyscrapers, hospital facilities, industrial plants, as well as under water environments aquariums would not be potential without the work of Hvac Engineer. Hvac Jobs in world are vital, pays much in demand. KGMECH Elctro Mechanical Pvt Ltd. Best HVAC Training institute dedicated to the personal and education enrichment of every pupil. Students can succeed at our collegiate environment when properly motivated and taught to set goals at promoting their education.

Every aspect of our mechanical faculty are enriched with creating an atmosphere conducive to learning, while instilling a high level of business ethics and professionalism. KGMECH supplies education and training in a wide range of technical areas that enable graduates to acquire entry level employment. As a pupil at KGMECH, you’ll have the chance learn in a number of various ways. The job objective for a career in the Heating Ventilation and air conditioning field is very positive.

Rising demand for trained Hvac Engineers are going to result in excellent employment opportunities. While each county has its own criteria, Heating Ventilation and air conditioning Engineers are typically members of the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers known as ASHRAE. Best Hvac Training in Hyderabad and These Heating and air conditioning Engineers are accredited locally in the country or city level. Every Heating and air conditioning training program must have the capability to give trainees this level of accreditation that will greatly aid them in obtaining Heating and air conditioning jobs anywhere. Becoming a Heating and air conditioning certified Engineer, you’ll have to learn the skills of complete preparation and American design standards which are legislated at the uniform mechanical code or international mechanical code if you’re from another country.

KGMECH Electro Mechanical Pvt. Ltd – Best HVAC Training Institute – HVAC Training — HVAC course — HVAC Designing course — HVAC Drafting Course – Heating Ventilation and air conditioning is a growing and lucrative business whose employees are incredibly in demand. For Heating and air conditioning stands Additionally called climate control. Hvac Training – Heating and air conditioning offers comfort, air and top quality air for companies and households throughout the summertime. Since everyone needs heating in hot climates in climates and air conditioning, this field will be in need of workers. Heating and ac training provides a broad education about the areas of venting systems, heating refrigeration technologies and ac. These systems might utilize several various kinds of technology and methods.

Our management team foresights the upcoming events and challenges and appropriates the resources, along with maintaining the organization culture and integrity in providing Best HVAC training in Hyderabad. KG MECH Electro-Mechanical Pvt. Ltd., is a firm instituted on the banks of exemplary professionalism by dynamic, enthusiastic, growth oriented and project management professionals.


Introduction to HVAC

    • HVAC Introduction
    • Human Comfort Condition
    • Application of HVAC Systems

Basic Components

    • Basic Refrigeration Cycle
    • Refrigeration Cycle & its functions
    • Types of Compressors
    • Types of Condensers
    • Types of Expansion Valves
    • Types of Evaporators
    • Properties of Refrigerants

Air-Conditioning Equipment’s

    • Classification
    • Window A/C Systems
    • Split A/C Systems
    • Package A/C Systems
    • VRF/VRV Systems
    • Central Air-Conditioning/Chill Water System
    • DX System

Categories of Air Conditioning

    • All air system
    • All water system
    • Air – water system
    • Direct Refrigerant system


    • Psychometric Chart
    • Properties of Air (DBT, WBT, RH, SH etc.)
    • HVAC Processes
    • Using Psychometric Chart

Heat Load Calculations

    • Sources of Heat
    • Building Survey
    • Heat Load Formula
    • Finding U value for Walls, Roof, Glass etc.
    • Finding ΔT (Temperature Difference) value for Walls, Roof, and Glass etc.
    • Ventilation Requirements
    • Infiltration Concept
    • Heat Load Estimate (Manually & Software-E20)
    • Heat Load Estimate (HAP Software)
    • Tonnage (TR) & Air Flow (L/S) for Project

Selection of Machines

    • Selection based on Heat Load Results
    • Selection as per Application
    • Selection as per Project Specifications
    • Placing Location of Equipment

Air Distribution System

    • Duct – Definition & Classification
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Duct Sizing Methods
    • Mc Quay Duct Sizer
    • Duct Routing & Levels
    • Single Line Drawing
    • Double Line Drawing as per SMACNA
    • Selection of Diffusers & Grilles
    • Duct Accessories (Sound Attenuators, VAVs, VD, FD, AD, FC etc.)
    • Selection of Supports & Span
    • Ducting Schematics
    • Static Pressure Calculations
    • Selection of FAN
    • BOQ for Ducting System

Fresh Air System

    • Concept of Fresh Air
    • Mixed Air System – Fresh & Return
    • 100% Fresh Air Handling System
    • Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit
    • Fresh Air Fan Selection

Chilled Water/ Hydronic System

    • Concept of Chilled Water System
    • Classification of Piping
    • GPM Calculations
    • Pipe Sizing of Chilled Water System
    • Valves used in Chilled Water System
    • Pipe Routing & Levels
    • Pump Head Calculation
    • Selection of Pumps
    • Bill of Quantities

VRF – Variable Refrigerant Flow System

    • Introduction to VRF
    • VRF for Residential & Commercial
    • VRF Integrated Technology
    • Selection of Indoor & Outdoor Units
    • Piping and Wiring Routing & Design by using Software
    • Indoor and Outdoor Unit Connection
    • Report Generation


International Standards

    • ASHRAE
    • SMACNA
    • ASME
    • NFPA
    • IAQ

Kitchen Exhaust System

    • Kitchen Exhaust Concept
  • Classification of Stoves
    • Kitchen Hood Types and applications
    • Kitchen Hood Calculation by the Software
    • Kitchen Hood Calculation by Manual
    • Makeup Air Calculation
    • Makeup Air Fan Selection
    • Kitchen Exhaust and Makeup Air Duct Routing and Designing

Parking Exhaust System

    • Parking Exhaust Concept
    • Parking Exhaust Types and Procedures
    • Tube Axial Concepts and Design
    • Central Exhaust Ducting Concepts and Design
    • Parking Exhaust Fan Calculation

Staircase Pressurization System

    • Staircase Pressurization System concept
    • Staircase Pressurization System types and Procedure
    • System Components
    • Staircase Pressurization System Design
    • Codes and Standards
    • Staircase Pressurization System Calculation
    • Duct routing and Designing for fresh air
    • Fresh Air Fan Selection
  • HVAC Software
      • Carrier E-20 Heat Load Form
      • HAP – Hourly Analysis Programme
      • BETA Software – Air Outlets
      • McQuay Duct Sizer
      • McQuay Pipe Sizer
      • Static Pressure Calculation
      • Pump Head Calculation
      • Kitchen Exhaust System
      • Car Park Exhaust System
    • Samsung VRF DVM Software
      • Master Converter
      • PDF Professional
      • MS-Excel
      • Auto CAD-Expert Level
  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Single Line Drawing
  • Builders Work
  • Double Line Drawing
  • Shop Drawing – SAD, RAD, FAD, EAD, KED, PED, CHSR.
  • Chiller Detail Drawings
  • FCU & AHU Detail Drawings
  • Primary & Secondary Pump Detail Drawings
  • As-Built Drawing
  • Scale Setting & Plotting
  • Sections & Schematic Drawing
  • Co-Ordination Drawing
  • Model Management
  • Layout Management
  • Equipment Schedule
  • International Drawings
  • HVAC Work Flow Procedure
  • Site Installation Department
  • Site Installation Procedure
  • 3M’s – Material, Machinery, Manpower
  • Installation Task
  • Installation of Air Side Component
  • Installation of Water Side Component
  • Vibration & Sound components Installation
  • Safety Requirement – PPE
  • Project Handover – O & M
    • Bill of Quantity – BOQ
    • Material Submittals – MS
    • Equipment Schedules
    • Technical Schedules
    • Estimation & Costing
    • Tracking List
  • Air Balancing
  • Water Balancing
  • Duct leakage test
  • Hydronic test
  • Vibration test
  • Pre-Inspections of installations
  • Request for Inspection – RFI
  • Inspection procedures and techniques
  • Inspection tools and equipment
  • Quality control of work as per specification
  • Testing & Commissioning

Top 20 Salient Features for HVAC Training at KGMECH

  • Best HVAC training in Hyderabad on real time international projects.
  • Providing by far the Best HVAC training in Hyderabad on the banks of student satisfaction and appreciation from colleges.
  • KG MECH offers best HVAC training in Hyderabad for different engineering job options of Design Engineer, CAD Engineer, Site Engineer & QC Engineer.
  • KG MECH provides 80% practical training which makes it the Best HVAC training institute in Hyderabad.
  • Highly experienced faculty with more than 10 years of Gulf & Local experience mentor the engineers for best HVAC training and placement in Hyderabad.
  • KG MECH has separate faculty for CAD Engineering training in Hyderabad, HVAC Site Engineering in Hyderabad, QC Engineering in Hyderabad who provide dedicated service to the trainees.
  • Offers regular, fast-track and professional training batches for real time HVAC Training in Hyderabad.
  • KG MECH has the best team of Experienced Engineers providing HVAC training in Hyderabad with more exposure to practical modules.
  • The best infra-structure for practical HVAC CAD training in Hyderabad & HVAC Revit training in Hyderabad at our branches.
  • Train on the latest software used in industry in HVAC training in Hyderabad.
  • Best-in-class explanation with real time examples with concern to trainee understanding with concepts of equipment, ducting system, piping system etc., in HVAC training in Hyderabad.
  • One-to-One dedication and care for all the trainees to finish the practical options in HVAC training in Hyderabad.
  • Complete HVAC training in Hyderabad covering all aspects of Design, CAD, Revit, Site & QC.
  • Best Personality Development training in Hyderabad by motivational speakers and working professional to induce ethics and professionalism in engineers.
  • Performing technical trade test, seminars and mock-up interviews for the engineers during the training of HVAC in Hyderabad.
  • Internationally valid, ISO Certified Real time training certificate at the end of HVAC training in Hyderabad.
  • Best-in-class study materials, questionnaires, videos and real time pictures with site visits to all the trainee to provide best exposure in HVAC Site training in Hyderabad.
  • Free seminars for new and advance topics in HVAC training in Hyderabad, by working professionals and site experts for all the trainees.
  • Hostel facilities available at all the centers of KG MECH.
  • Offers placement to trainees by conducting placement drives in campus and at client’s office for local and abroad requirements.

Training Experts at KG MECH’s HVAC Training in Hyderabad are,

  • Highly experienced faculty with more than 10 years of Gulf & Local experience mentor the engineers for best HVAC training and placement in Hyderabad.
  • KG MECH faculty was involved in many prestigious projects like Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Schools Projects, serving in international projects of UAE, KSA, Qatar, USA & India.
  • Faculty Experience includes Design for Building Services as per ASHRAE, SMACNA, NFPA, NEC, DEWA, ASME CODES.
  • KG MECH HVAC training in Hyderabad faculty are also holding positions as Education Director, HRO (Human Rights Observers) & members of organizations like ASHRAE, ISHRAE, NFPA, IGBC etc.
  • KG MECH HVAC training in Hyderabad Experts have presided over many seminars and workshops in over more than 100 Engineering colleges and won many awards and recognitions.
  • Faculty are certified and trainee-friendly providing deep knowledge to the trainees in all aspects of HVAC Training in Hyderabad.

Placement Assistance after HVAC Training in INDIA

  • KG MECH is the pioneer in contributing careers to the engineers with its dedicated placement wing which furnishes to the needs of the trainees during placements.
  • KG MECH provides complete support in preparing the RESUME as per the requirements of clients and industry standards.
  • KG MECH conducts Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills to formulate students to face challenging interview situation with ease.
  • KG MECH has accomplished to the placement of numerous engineers in Local & Abroad companies.